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Modest Company, waterproofing division, has more than 10 years of experience in restoring metal roofs. Due to the nature of steel buildings, metal roofs are most vulnerable to atmospheric changes. Due to the extreme heat of the day and drastic drop in temperature at night, in the Gulf countries, metal roofs are prone to expansion and contraction resulting in opened joints and severed fasteners. Using Pace Products, Modest Company has developed special systems that are unique to the region and tackle any kind of roof problems to render the metal roofs weatherproof and completely waterproof. 

For more than four decades, PACE PRODUCTS INTERNATIONAL INC, U.S.A. has been waterproofing and renewing roofs on commercial and industrial buildings all over the world.  More then 60 countries have chosen the cost savings and long lasting protection of PACE's Roof Maintenance.  As leaders in professional roof restoration systems since 1958, PACE has encountered nearly every kind of roof problem. 

You don't require a new roof - you require PACE Roof Renewal

In turn, we have developed weather tight solutions to correct them.  Every PACE Liquid Membrane System includes a specially selected group of repair, reinforcement, surface preparation and coating products that work together to meet your particular roofing needs.  PACE understands that work done prior to roof coating, is the key to long lasting protection.  Our specialized sealants take care of all the critical areas of the roof.  Once the roof is restored, the process of waterproofing begins using our rubberized top coating that stretch and move with regular roof movements.  PACE Liquid Membrane Systems will restore and protect your roof at a fraction of replacement costs.  Our systems maintain your roof in "like new" conditions, saving you the cost of premature replacement.  MODEST COMPANY as authorized distributors & applicators offer 5-10 years warranty on all applied PACE products.